Personal Thermal Cycler QuickBath Series

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Personal Thermal Cycler QuickBath Series

+ Compact body and High speed reaction

+ High performance same as a high-end PCR machines

+ Gold coarted copper block (highly heat transfer and durability)

You can perform Several PCR programs by more than one machine.

  • Model QB-0224B (Standard ・・ubes x3)
  • We developed our own template programs by using temperature calibration tube (option).
  • The examination of Temperature profiles with model QB-0225A (single tube x25)

Thermal control system

Easy template for thermal program

Autostartprogram when you set temperature, time and cycles


Model QB-0224B Model QB-0225A
No. of sample Standard 8tubes x3 0.2ml x 25
Temperature 4.0 ~ 98.0 °C
Temperature stability ±0.3/75°C±0.5/95°C
Heart up, Cool down 4.0 °C/sec *4.0 °C/sec
Program 18 programs in inside memory, 6 in the Card
Self check Warning for peltier
Electric consumption 100V 160W 50/60Hz
Body size W120 x D280 x H180 4.7kg
Warranty 1 Years・・utside ofJapan)
Price 398,000 (JPY) 360,000 (JPY)
Tube brock

Notice: When used outside of Japan, please use a 250VA transformer or higher.

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