CellEase® II Series

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CellEase® II Series

The reagent kit that developed for DNA extraction from cells make you easily prepare DNA samples which can be directly use for PCR without any purification steps within only 9 minutes. CellEase?Ⅱdoesn't need dilution steps, so it uses only 1 tube. It also improves efficient of extraction compare to ordinary CellEase.

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DNA extraction and detection from mouse tail samples

CellEase® II Series

SeriesUseTime (minutes) 
CellEase® Tissue II Mouse tail, Animal tissue etc. 9   Buy 
CellEase® Bacteria II Bacteria, Yeast etc. 9   Buy 
CellEase® Meat II Chicken, Pork, Beef, Processed meats (Meat ball etc.) 9   Buy

Please Contact us for any other applications.CellEase®is the registered mark of Biocosm Inc.

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