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CellEase® Series

These reagents are developed to enable quick DNA extraction from cells. This reagent allowed to prepare for extracted DNA before ready for PCR reaction only in 9 minutes.The reagent kit that developed for DNA extraction from cells make you easily prepare DNA samples which can be directly use for PCR within 10 minutes.

The method is very simple, you can mix CellEase A and B to the samples then incubate in two steps of temperature. It is possible to prepare the DNA sample from animal tissue, microorganisms, plant cells and so on.

We have several series of kits for animal cell, microorganisms and processed meat. We can provide low cost and easy DNA extraction kit for not only laboratory use but also risk management for contamination control in food industry.

CellEase® Series

Series Use Time (minutes)
CellEase® Tissue Mouse tail, Animal tissue etc. 10
CellEase® Bacteria Bacteria, Yeast etc. 10
CellEase® Meat Chicken, Pork, Beef, Processed meats (Meat ball etc.) 10

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